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The policy of appeasement and the causes of World War II </p>

In Our Time, The Chamberlain-Hitler Collusion

Chamberlain - Appeasement - Causes of World War II

In our Time, The Chamberlain-Hitler Collusion by Clement Leibovitz and Alvin Finkel, compellingly shows that Chamberlain struck a deal with Hitler according to which the latter was given a free hand in Eastern Europe (Soviet Union included). In return, Hitler would abstain from attacking Western Europe.

With this book, the matter now is an established historical fact.

Hitler later thought that Chamberlain could not deliver the promised freehand. When Chamberlain realised that Hitler was determined to first attack the West, he gave Poland a unilateral guaranty. He did so in the hope that it would soon become reciprocal, and it did, and would therefore force Germany to make war on two fronts. The book has a preface by Christofer Hitchens. It can be ordered from MONTHLY REVIEW PRESS, New York. The book is based on research by Clement Leibovitz, published in The Chamberlain-Hitler Deal, now out of print. For more information and for book reviews, refer to The Chamberlain-Hitler Deal

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Clement Leibovitz

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