Clement Leibovitz

My views are close to those of MIFTAH. It was natural
that we enter in a "partnership". I received from
MIFTAH a letter of endorsement of some projects.

This endorsement does not give me the right to speak in the
name of MIFTAH

In the coming weeks, I will add a description of those projects.

Here is MIFTAH's letter of endorsement. I encourage the readers
to access the MIFTAH website

Ivan Karakashian wrote:

Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2003 09:40:22 +0300

From: "Ivan Karakashian"
Subject: Endorsement

July 4, 2003

Dear Mr. Leibovitz,

First and foremost, let me officially apologize to you for the unacceptable delays in responding to your request.

It is clear from your email that several weeks have passed since you first made your request and out delay is inexcusable. Please, however, do not assume that the delay has anything to do with us disapproving with your new initiative.

Your tireless efforts and unwavering commitment towards reconciling the Palestinians and Israelis is applauded by MIFTAH, and while there have been shortcomings on our side, this should not in anyway reflect our strong support for your endeavors.

Naturally, the tone of this e-mail should indicate that we endorse your new effort, and further, would like to assist you in anyway you see fit, provided you take into consideration our hectic schedule and the fact that we are understaffed. That said, as a starter we will be happy to link your website to ours, place an icon on the front-page for a week of your endeavor and perhaps, if appropriate post a press release of your objectives.

Please send us detailed information of the progress you are at and how exactly we may help. The more specific your requests the faster and more tailored our responses will be. We look forward to a fruitful and worthwhile partnership with you and hope that in the face of adversarial forces you continue to press on.


Ivan Karakashian
Media & Information Program
Tel. +972 2 5851842
Fax +972 2 5835184