Clement Leibovitz

Here is some information about me, Clement Leibovitz.

** I was born in Egypt in November 1923.

** I left school at the age of 12 and stopped studying for 20 years. I
later resumed studying and got a Ph.d. in Physics at the age of 45
(general relativity and cosmology)

** I was arrested in Egypt in 1949. I was tortured for five hours.
I did not give away the addresses of my comrades nor their names
I was then jailed for 10 years. I was in one of the many marxist
organisations demanding the evacuation of the British troops from
Egypt, and a better life for the workers and peasants.
Later, under Nasser, well aftet I ended the 10 years jail, we were

** In 1976, at 53, I was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate and
treated with radiation.

** In 1980, the tumour became again active and metastased to most
of my body. I was told I had a single year to live.

It is then that I became a writer. My first book, which I wrote in a
hurry, was titled MEMOIRS OF GOD and was published four years later.
It is a philosophical novel, and a feminist book as well. It is out of
print. It is available free of charge as a message (180 pages), or as
an attachment. Just contact me.

Later I wrote history books uncovering the real causes of WW2.
In 1996, I was told that I was totally cured. Since 1994, I am
taking no medicine. I am now in very good health.

** On January 13 of 2000, I offered to give a kidney, while I am still
alive, to the patient most in need, and younger than 40. Regulations
forbid it except, for the benefit of a wife or a biological son. I
offered to adopt the patient as my son or daughter. It did not help.
Since then, I offered a kidney to the red crescent of Ramallah

** I am working on four writing projects.

** Since I was told I had a single year to live, I tried to make each
day count for three, at least. I can say that cancer has been for
me a blessing. I was lucky