Which is Which?

1) Hamas had declared its support for a cease-fire that would include the cessation of suicide-bombings

2) Sharon's response was to launch a criminal attack on Ghaza described by Israel as directed against a leader of HAMAS

Let us put one + two together and we can deduce from it many things.

A) HAMAS is not for suisice-bombings per-se. It was prepared to give to the PA a possibility to learn that it was not the suicide-bombings that were the real cause of the agressive and criminal policies of Sharon. Those policies would continue even were the suicide-bombings to stop.

B) Sharon DOES NOT WANT the stopping of the suicide bombers.. He would do what it takes to provoke HAMAS into resuming those bombings.

This raises a question to which I will give no answer but which each one of us can consider .

It is obvious that, in Sharon's opinion, the Palestinian suicide-bombings are useful. He does not want them to be stopped. In short "suicide-bombings" are good for Sharon.
Some Palestinians think that suicide-bombings are bad for Sharon. Sharon is a fool and does not realise that in the end Sicide-bombing will signal the end of Sharon and of Israel.

Either SHaron does not know what is good for him, or Hamas does not know what is good for Palestinians. WHICH IS WHICH?
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