Pure, and Useless    Part2

Supporters of the Palestinian cause can be divided into two clategories: the Purists, and
the Best-Resultists. I take it for granted that they are all honest, have all a golden hearts
and would all give their life for the cause.

The Purists

1) They believe that what ought to be, will eventually come to be. They fight for
what is right, and will accept nothing but.
2) They make comparisons with all the cases in which what is right came to be.
They neglect the cases in which what is right did not come to be. They ignore
lost causes.
3) They are disconnected from reality. They do not consider what is specific
in the Palestinian question, which may demand a treatment different from the
examples they want to follow.
4) They have no real strategy. They have no faith in the Palestinian people.
Salvation will come from external pressure. From the US or the European
Union, or from world public opinion. They do not believe that a solution could
come  from the Palestinian people. The shortcoming of the Purists results from
a lack of vision and creative imagination.
5) forms and definitions are very important to them. If they encounter
the expression "Jewish Nation" they could spend a lot of energy to
demonstrate that the "Jewish Nation" does not exist. They cannot
realize that there is something in the minds of millions of Jews, which the Jews
consider to be the "Jewish Nation". Whether it exist as such, or in any different
way, should have no importance. It is enough that we agree that when we speak
of the "Jewish Nation" we mean what some millions Jews believe it is. The important
thing is that we know what we are talking about. But the purist will tell you that
it is not enough that we know what we are talking about. We must fight the belief
that there exists a "Jewish Nation", even though it exists in the minds of millions.
Let me define as "JN" what millions of Jews, wrongly believe to be the Jewish Nation.
Now we have two expressions "Jewish Nation" which is an abomination to
pronounce, and JN which indicates what the Jews believe as being the Jewish Nation,
which in reality does not exist, but does exist as a belief. Therefore JN exist,
but Jewish Nation does not exist. Now the Purists could possibly be satisfied.
However, some will protest that JN in spite of its correct definition, has the same
initials as the abominated Jewish Nations. And it can go on and on in relation
to those words and other words. Purity is very demanding.

The Best-Resultists

1) They know that to be right, is not enough. They know that not everything can be
obtained at once. They are prepared to go by steps, provided that a given
step does not jeopardize the next ones.
2) They give importance to feasibility and credibility. Strategy is for them of
prime importance. Nothing will come by itself. It must be fought at many levels.
Educational, public opinion, dividing the ranks of the enemies, unifying
the Palestinian ranks, considering every potential people or government
with respect of its becoming a potential friend. It might have to be fought
at the resistance level against the occupier on occupied land.
3) They expect success will come when the Palestinian people will take
their fate into their own hands. US, EU, and public opinion are not to be
neglected, but are to be considered as important auxiliary factors. The prime
factor is the Palestinian people following a strategy of success, of vision and
of creative imagination.


to be followed by part3
nb. part1 is available from Clement