The IDF is a peste                                              Strategy for victory

The Israeli occupation of Palestine is a peste.
No day passes by, without the IDF kills or molest.
Innocent people if they don't kill, they arrest.
Everywhere they go, all the country they infest.
Beatings, humiliations, the Palestinian daily ingest.
The Israeli oppression, their barbarism is manifest.
Uprooting trees, destroying houses, respecting no nest
they do not regret or repent, they take it in jest.
Justifying the killing of Rachel Corrie attest
That in immorality, Sharonites win, no contest.
What then can I do hearing or reading news I detest
Does it help to despair, to curse, to request
that Israel be forced to behave like the rest?
Does it help to give first priority to protest?
It matters to our children give victory as bequest
This is a matter of knowledge and wisdom, I suggest
Instead of sobbing, shouting indignation, I request
To study what went wrong with our efforts and reinvest
struggle unmasking the real enemy in an inquest
Sharonites are enemy of both people, Can you that digest?
No peace for either unless they unite and keep abreast
of the mutual distrust and hatred. As a first test,
we put a wedge between Israelis and sharonites and vest
leadership to shake Israelis out of blinders divest
Then sharonites out of the windows go. What a blest
For good stratyegy, read "stumbling blocks" I suggest

ps. While giving first priority to strategy,
activities of protest and demonstrations are very
important, They are essential and complementary 
to a good strategy
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