Only Together

Can The Palestinians and the Israelis

Long-term Security, Peace and prosperity!

The Israeli expansionist establishment is making efforts to improve the security of Israel by building
the Wall, by keeping the Palestinians under tight control, jailing some of them, killing others,
establishing checkpoints etc..

The security of Israel has indeed improved, and the Israeli leaders may hope that it will increase still
more. But in reality, those leaders live in a dangerous illusion. They confuse short-term security
with long-term security. There can be no long term security for a country surrounded by
unfriendly neighbors.
The Israeli leaders should remember that the temple of Jerusalem  has
been destroyed more than once. There is no guarantee that the state of Israel could not be destroyed
too. No one can guarantee that the balance of power will always favor the US. The US itself
is not immune to economic crisis which, when they reach a high level may endanger the stability
of the country. It is not excluded that the European Union will become a super-power comparable
or even more powerful than the US. It is even not excluded that the US may stop to blindly support

There is no guarantee that no Arab state will ever become a military power comparable to Israel.
The only long term security is that resulting from long term peace with the neighbors. And peace
cannot be a long term one if it does not include enough elements of justice so that it will not be
questioned by next generations.

Similarly the two countries are the best external market for each other. And a country that is not
prosperous cannot be a good market for its neighbors. Besides, prosperity depends on peace and
security which, as is obvious, cannot be reached for one of the two people alone.

Let us now consider the Palestinian side. On the short term, it is clear that Palestinians have little
security, no peace and no prosperity. The only way the Palestinians could have them alone, would
be if, by a miracle, the land got rid of all the Israeli population. Such a miracle, even if at all
possible, cannot be contemplated within a foreseeable time. And what if it never occurs?
No one has come with a serious strategy which would result in the elimination of the Israeli population
from Palestine. The Palestinians should come to realize that the Israeli population is here to stay.
Most of the Palestinians are willing to live in peace with the actual Israeli population

What then prevents the two peoples from joining their efforts, and together realize their aims of
security, peace and prosperity? Part of the answer is obvious.

The Israeli expansionist leadership is not interested in peace. This is such a major obstacle.
that, without toppling this leadership, there can be no hope for peace, security and prosperity on the long
term. This must lead us tothe ragmatic realization that, in the foreseeable future, only the Israeli
people can topple the Israeli government. And the Israeli people is the ne that votes for such
leaderships that are against peace. Why?

Because the Israeli leadership and many Palestinian eaderships have acted in the past in a way
which increases the distance, the suspicions and the fears between the wo people. In previous
papers I endeavored to show that the Israeli people are as decent as any other people. But though
I know this to be true, I do not need to take it as a pillar of my argument. The Israeli people
will topple their government once they will lose their fears, and will realize that a just peace is in their
own best interest.

Here are some historic facts which are at the root of the fear of the Israelis:

1) The suicide bombings convey the message that Palestinians hate Jews and not only the
occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza strip.
2) For a long time various Palestinian organizations expressed in their programs their will to
expel all Jews who immigrated in Israel after 1948. Though the PLO did abrogate that aim
from its covenant, the Israeli leadership continue to ignore it and to tell the Israeli people that
such is not the case.
3) I heard myself in 1976, an Egyptian broadcast in Hebrew telling the Israelis that the time of
reckoning had come and that the Egyptian army will invade Israel, rape all their wives and daughters
and throw the rest of the population to the sea. This broadcast was at total variance with the
policy of Gamal abd el Nasser. He latter dissolves "Sout Al Arab", the radio station who did the
broadcast . However, one should not ignore the effect of such a broadcast on the population that
raised the present generation of Israelis
4) No where in the world is there a single democratic Arab state

Those factors are constantly worked upon by the expansionist Israeli leadership, to make sure to
constantly increase the distance between the two people.

In "stumbling blocks" I showed in great details how the Palestinians can develop and implement a
strategy which will result in shaking the Israeli people out of its blinders. This strategy was based on
the demonstrated possibility of driving a wedge between the Israeli expansionist leadership and
the Israeli people. This strategy is of a nature that speaks to the Israeli people by deeds whose effect
would be traumatic to the Israeli people, in the good sense of the word. As a first result,
the Israeli people will have their fear reduced to the level at which they will demand the evacuation
of the West Bank, of the Gaza strip, and the dismantling of the Jewish settlements. Still
the fears will not have receded to the point the Israeli people would agree to the return of the
Palestinian refugees. This will become possible when two states, a Palestinian and an Israeli would
have lived side by side in friendly relations, and a exemplary democratic Palestinian state would
demonstrate that, in matter of tolerance, practice of democracy, the Palestinians have no lesson
to receive from anyone.

It is important to notice that according to the strategy, the two states situation will occur after
the toppling of the Israeli expansionist leadership. Otherwise, it would make no sense to speak of
friendly relations between the two people. The time will then come when, after the Israeli crimes of
ethnic cleansing will have been made public in Israel by honest historians (the work has began), after
the relation between the two people would have become friendly and even brotherly, the question
of the return of the Palestinian refugees will be dealt in an atmosphere in which fear plays no role,
and justice not distorted by fear can take place.

To make all that possible the support to the strategy must grow. Your help is requested.
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