What is wrong with a One Palestinian State Solution?

I could also ask what is wrong with motherhood, with loving your neighbour, with being against war.. Of course, nothing.

And of course, nothing seems wrong with a One Palestinian State, till the moment in which you ask: what is the first step to take towards the realisation of that aim? Then the silence is deafening. It is as if one hopes that, suddenly, the criminal expansioniste Israeli state would willingly give place to the one-state. Speak of a miracle!!!

It is not enough to have a beautiful aim, and to express the hope it will be realised. You must also have a practical plan for its realisation. And it is here that we can listen to the most extraordinary diversity of solutions. With one solution, it is the US which will finally decide to bring sense to the Israeli establishment. In another soplution, the Israeli economy is already collapsing. We must just wait a little more. In another solution, the Israeli society can no longer withstand the loses of life. So what? Will it wither away? Shash!!

Give me a break Present me with a workable agenda, divided into steps which follow each other, and in which each step is supported by credible evidence as to the possibility of its realisation. But instead, the defenders of a one Palestinian state come with the remark that the facts on the ground do no longer support a two-state solution. The one-state solution is therefore the default solution which remains by elimination of the two-state. In this they are obviously wrong. The theoretical possibility of massacres, of continual destruction of Palestinian houses, leading to a de facto ethnic cleansing, exists. So, the one Palestinian State solution is not the only solution compatible with the facts on the grounds.

Also, I can't understand why, in principle, facts on the ground cannot be reversed? Is not the request of the return of the Palestinian refugees, a request to reverse some facts on the ground? Why to remain hoping for this, and renounce hoping for that?

What I reproach the most to the One Palestinian State Solution, is trhat it is a powerful and dangerous diversion. It is as attractive as opium can be. But it puts you to sleep, and prevents you from seeing the effective actions that the Palestinian people, helped in that by those Israelis with clarity of mind, can take in the direction of the satisfaction of the Palestinian aspirations.

All becomes clear if we ask the following question? Is there a possibility for a satisfactory solution, as long as the expansionist Israeli establishment remains in power? Will, for instance Sharon, or one of his clones, decide not to use the Israeli military power to prevent the one state solution? To answer yes is not to have the feet on the ground. It is to allow the people to live in dangerous illusions. And if you say no. Then it is obvious you realise that the present Israeli establishment must be toppled. Then you realise that only the Israeli people can topple the Israeli establishment. And you, the one-staters, have no strategy for that, for inducing the Israeli people to topple its establishment. Not only you do not have a strategy for that, but you confuse the situation, and prevent Palestinians from realising that such a strategy does exist.

There are now two main stands, the one of the one-staters, with no feet on the ground, with no startegy at all exccept that which brought down the walls of Jericho: making noise. It leads to nothing concrete except crystallisation of the Palestinian potential to action, towards complete inaction.

The other is based on a serious analysis, followed by the steps compellingly derived from it, which constitute a credible strategy for the realisation of the Palestinian aspirations, and also the realisation of the Israeli people's aspiration for the real security which only a just solution can guarantee.It starts with a rich contact with reality, and ends up with the effective realisation of beautiful dreams.

So, it is for you to chose. Either have nice dreams with no contact with reality, or starting with a serious analysis of reality, not to proclaim a choice, but to derive a realisable strategy. It is time we cease to be attracted by the beauty of slogans, and we face all the aspects of reality.

Now, if it will be given to me that nothing good can be achieved as long as the present Israeli expansionist establishment is in power, one is entitled to consider what it would mean if the present Israeli establishment is replaced by one that effectively wants friendly coexistence with a Palestinian state. Would not such a new establishment be able to reverse many of the facts on the ground? Could it not induce many of the settlers to go back to Israel proper, could it not make of the west bank and Ghaza a practical temporary solution? I say tenmporary because the two states, if both are lead by leaders of good-will, could then consider the possibility of voluntary fusion in one of many possible ways.

The fact is, that it is not more utopic to think of the reversal of facts on the ground, than it is to dream of a one state without a strategy leading to it.

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