At the time of the cold war, the US president John Kennedy, stood at a podiom in Ouest Berlin, and proclaimed in German that "I am a Berliner". At the time, no one could say that the sufferings of the East Berliners were close to those of the Palestinians in the occupied territoies. No repression of the kind Israel inflicted on Jenin and other Palestinian cities, had been inflicted on the population of East Berlin. With much more justification, and in total solidarity, I do proclaim that I AM A JEWISH PALESTINIAN. And I accuse the Israeli government of savagery and barbarism against MY OWN PEOPLE, the Paleastinian people to which I belong AS A JEW. I would not deserve to be JEWISH if I can remain silent to the hurt inflicted to my brothers and sisters, my people too, the Palestinians. Sharon and his likes are not Jewish. They are racists criminals in conflict with the humanist Jewish traditions. Had Einstein been alive, he would condemn them, as are doing so many Israeli members of their Israeli universities. With all my love to the Jewish people, With all my love to the Palestinian people, my people too Clement Leibovitz #56, 3221-119 street Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6J 5K7 Phone: (780) 436 9883 e-mails: cleibovi@shawbiz.ca websites: http://cleibovi.shawbiz.ca http://cleibovi.shawbiz.ca/appeasement http://cleibovi.shawbiz.ca/justpeace