by Clement Leibovitz
                                             with a foreword by Tony Benn

excerpts from the foreword:

It is by far the best book yet published about the causes and origins of the second world war
... Dr. Leibovitz has therefore, in this book, done more than lay bare the evidence which helps us understand the past and has actually written a text that helps us to understand the present and the future
... America and Britain may still have to pay a further price for the policies agreed at Munich.. But at least, we have the benefit of this supreme work of scholarship to help us see that it does not happen again
           Tony Benn (British MP for Chesterfield, held several Cabinet 

This is a courageous and uncompromising study of the secret diplomacy leading to the second World War. That Neville Chamberlain offered German Chancellor Adolf Hitler a "free hand" in Central and Eastern Europe has been asserted by others, but no-one has documented the argument with the skill and tenacity of Clement Leibovitz. Dr. Leibovitz is brillant in the dissection of diplomatic records - in capturing the deliberate ambiguities, and necessary omissions, the apparently - but not really - trivial nuances. Establishment historians who think the origins of the war have been settled are going to be upset by Dr. Leibovitz. But can they refute his work?
             Larry Pratt (professor of Political Sciences at the University 
of Alberta and author of "East of Malta, West of Suez")

The 550 pages book has been published by "Duval House Publishing", Edmonton

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